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Welcome to Village Montessori Nursery School

We are a small, dedicated and well-equipped Montessori nursery with lovely garden for children aged 2 to 4+ years. Located in the parish village hall in the beautiful country village of Rowlands Castle, Hampshire, we believe in following and promoting the Montessori philosophy in a secure, safe, healthy and enjoyable learning environment. Helping to ensure that every child’s learning is a wonderful process of self-discovery.


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Contact Us

Village Montessori Nursery School
Rowlands Castle Parish Hall
11 Links Lane
Rowlands Castle

Email: contactus@villagemontessori.co.uk
(for any inquiries on Village Montessori Nursery School Parents Teacher Association)

Email: village.montessori@yahoo.co.uk
(for all other inquiries on Village Montessori Nursery School)
Tel: 07825290124